Ohana in action

Ohana is for young mothers, to learn, care and nurture their baby through becoming confident and self-assured. Young parents who know who they are, are resilient and feel nurtured themselves. Young parents, who can enjoy the love of parenthood, feel good about themselves and have ambitions and hopes for the future.

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Ohana Young Parent Charitable Trust offers a 12 week programme that provides advice and guidance on the best form of parenting, while providing emotional and practical support.

Education Review Office states “Teen parents are at high risk of under-achievement because of the difficulty of combining education with their responsibilities as parents. Some of the main challenges for these students include disruption to their schooling, being emotionally unprepared for parenting, and loss of social contact with their peers.”

Ohana provides young parents education, which they achieve alongside their babies – in a supportive homely environment. Becoming part of Ohana means to become part of a very special family....Their Ohana Family will be their safe place, their freedom to explore endless opportunities for the future.

Course Information


This is a 12 week course that runs every term on Monday & Wednesdays. The course content covers….

  • Brain Development facilitated by Brainwave Trust – discovering how the infant brain develops and how to optimize learning and development.
  • Techniques for Soothing an Unsettled Infant – Key Care Moments & Basic Needs; Feeding, Sleeping and Changing.
  • Building Awesome Whanau
    - Session 1 – Laying the foundations – building your family on aroha
    - Session 2 – Parents are the roof! Protecting your whānau
    - Session 3 – The walls of the whare – boundaries to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out
    - Session 4 – Keeping it sweet – atmosphere is everything!
    - Session 5 – Cool korero! Communication
    - Session 6 – Outside the whare – Living in the big wide world
  • Health & Safety Practices
    - Best Practice
    - Symptoms of illness
    - Infectious Disease Info
  • Budgeting facilitated by Budgeting West.
  • Life skills, Life coaching, making goals for the future.
  • Personal Well-being.
  • Conscious Parenting.
  • Managing Stress.
  • First Aid Cert facilitated by St John’s
  • Nutrition - Menu planning on a budget, Healthy meal preparations for you and your baby.
  • Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect.
  • Loves-Me-Not facilitated by the NZ Police.

Ohana also provides further support for students wanting to gain NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 with Te Kura - The Correspondence School. Students can attend Ohana 2 days per week where our staff are here to support you alongside the Te Kura Tutors.


At Ohana we strive to provide a team that are experienced, friendly, nurturing and informative during your time with us. Our team is made up of Megan, Georgia, Emily, Sam & Kerry.


Megan Syddall- Facilitator/Programme Co-ordinator.

Hi I’m Megan, Kerry and I founded Ohana three years ago in 2014. We had a vision to give back to the community and wanted to assist young mothers and their babies with learning the skills and sharing ideas to be the best possible parent to their children. I have over 17 years experience working alongside children and families and are a qualified and experienced early childhood educator. What I love about my role at Ohana is I get to meet some amazing young mums and observe the forming of great friendships. I love sharing and creating an environment that is extremely homely and most of all I love to create success within. If you or anyone you know would like to participate in our wonderful organization please contact us.


Georgia Leonard.

Hi, my name is Georgia, my role at Ohana is to provide support for our young mothers and their babies, through mentoring and providing parenting advise. I am a trained Sleep Consultant and have my Diploma in Child Protection. I believe that the first 3 years of a babies life is the most important and enjoy the opportunity in helping young mothers recognise their babies cues and sharing this most precious time with them. I am also a student training through Bodhi Ltd towards my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and I am currently the acting Student Support Person.


Emily Harris.

Kia Ora, My name is Emily and I am a support person for our Ohana mothers and babies. I had my first child earlier this year who I absolutely adore, and I love watching young mothers admire their little ones, as we go on this journey together and learn all about this wonderful, crazy rollercoaster of a ride we call motherhood!!

I think support is key whilst trying to raise a family and here at Ohana we absolutely love watching each individual grow and rise above. The tools given throughout this program are essential to providing a positive influence on you and your family. I run a Bubs club/ Coffee group for mums and their bubs every second Friday for any young mum in the community that wants to connect with other mums.

Ohana - Means family, and no one gets left behind!

Additional Information

Baby Feet

Pregnancy Wellbeing - Ohana facilitates antenatal classes designed specifically for young mothers. If you, or someone you know is pregnant and would like more information please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

Open Day - Before each new intake we have an Open Day where young mothers can come and join us for morning tea, so they can meet the staff and gain more information regarding the course. If you are interested, please get in touch and we will let you know when our next open day is taking place.

Meals - Ohana provides their students with nutritional meals everyday.

Transport – We have a van that can pick up and drop off our students *travel limitations apply

Tuesday & Thursdays - Designated study days for our young mothers to come along with their babies and work on their individual learning journey, this maybe courses facilitated and provided by Te Kura or Bodhi Ltd.

Bubs Club - Every 2nd Friday, Emily facilitates 'Bubs Club' from 10-2. This is an opportunity for past mums to come and re-unite and existing mums to have a break and spend the morning enjoying friends and their babies. Emily creates the environment to optimise the learning and development of infants and toddlers, including music sessions, heuristic play time, water play etc....

Pathways - Students looking for a career path in Early Childhood Education, can further study level 5 & 6 through Bodhi Ltd, once the course has been completed and the student has provided sufficient evidence of the ability to train at this level. For more information refer to bodhi.ac.nz